Fox Photograph Lillian here. Delighted to be tending bar. So, let’s talk about anthropomorphism today: the attribution of human traits, emotions, and intentions to nonhumans. Hmmm…how does that differ from personification? Literary explains “…there is a slight difference between these two. Personification is an act of giving human characteristics to animals or objects to […] via Zen Master — Paul Scribbles Advertisements Continue reading

Everything that’s a thing had a beginning. They never had one, never were one, yet they had something, just never That thing. She had no idea they never had That, never considered their’s more than a friendly, innocuous (some)thing, a pleasant, nonspecific relationship in which she’d touch him when they’d laughingly converse in that innocuously […] via Nothing Lasted Forever — A Thing for Words Continue reading

Arlington High School junior varsity girls lacrosse coach Jaclyn Murphy cheers on her team during Saturday’s opening game at home against Monroe-Woodbury. She stands only 4-foot-11, and wearing an “Arlington Lacrosse” parka, with blonde locks peeking from beneath her wool cap, she easily could be mistaken for a student. Most of the girls just call… via Jaclyn Murphy, inspiration for Friends of Jaclyn, coaching at Arlington — USA Today High School Sports Continue reading

Samantha and I decided to write a joint post today to give different health tip perspectives when you travel. We’ve had unique experiences, but also some similarities with how we keep healthy on the road. I’ve never been really sick when I’ve traveled, fortunately, but she has, so her experience in that area is valuable. She […] via A Q&A on ways to keep healthy when you travel — art of being fabulous Continue reading

Amazon is truly starting off the month of April with some incredibly strong deals, and Tuesday continues the trend. Highlights from today’s list include $50 off a 4K action camera, a nice little discount on the outdoor Nest Cam, a $130 discount on the world’s first smartphone with Google Tango, five different pairs of Bluetooth… via Amazon’s 15 best deals: Outdoor Nest Cam, first Tango phone, 5 pairs of Bluetooth earbuds, more — BGR Continue reading