If you’re a T-Mobile subscriber and you want to keep up with the baseball season this year, you’re in luck. Today only, T-Mobile is offering customers a free year of MLB.TV Premium and access to the MLB At Bat app on mobile devices. That’s a $112.99 value completely free of charge, just for being a… via T-Mobile is gifting its customers one free year of MLB.TV Premium today only — BGR Continue reading

A bipartisan bill introduced by four Congressional lawmakers would outlaw warrantless searches of smartphones at the US border, ending a loophole that currently allows border agents to search devices with no reason or suspicion. The bill was introduced by Senators Ron Wyden and Rand Paul and Reps. Jared Polis and Blake Farenthold. Continue reading… Trending right now: Oh… via New bill would actually protect your privacy, for a change — BGR Continue reading

Are we becoming adjusted to speed? I was talking a few days ago to a factory worker who thinks we are and that men are changing and will go on changing under its influence. “Everybody is working,” he said, referring to husbands and their wives, even children in holiday times. “The pressure is terrific.” Conversely, […] via The Pace — Lost Art Press Continue reading

As poorly as Iron Fist was received by critics last month, it hasn’t diminished the excitement for The Defenders — a show in which all of the Netflix Marvel heroes will team up to take on a threat that none of them could handle on their own. We still don’t know much about the show… via Marvel covertly reveals the release date for ‘The Defenders’ on Netflix — BGR Continue reading

With the Mac Pro languishing on the sidelines, not to mention the backlash that accompanied Apple’s arguably underpowered 2016 MacBook Pro, a narrative that Apple no longer cared about its creative professional demographic began to grow and take hold. Earlier today, Apple took steps to assure the Mac faithful that the opposite is true and that… via Apple: Pro users couldn’t care less about a touchscreen iMac — BGR Continue reading

The man who coached the Bolivar Liberators for 35 years has died. Bolivar football coach Doug Potts gives instructions during a drill in a photograph from the 2000 season. Doug Potts, 79, died Tuesday. He coached the Bolivar High School football team from 1966 to 2000 and compiled an all-time win/loss record of 213-132-2. Potts was… via Longtime Bolivar football coach, Hall-of-Famer dies — USA Today High School Sports Continue reading

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBFTHqrt5_g I did review today on an amino acid supplement from Metabolic Nutrition, I have give you my opinion, the nutritional facts, ratings, and give you the ‘how to’ use it and for what kind of training! make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, I have plenty more where this came from! via Supplement Review|BCAAs (Amino Acids)|Metabolic Nutrition — Staying healthy isnt a crime-Fitness is a lifestyle choice Continue reading

Fox Photograph Lillian here. Delighted to be tending bar. So, let’s talk about anthropomorphism today: the attribution of human traits, emotions, and intentions to nonhumans. Hmmm…how does that differ from personification? Literary Devices.net explains “…there is a slight difference between these two. Personification is an act of giving human characteristics to animals or objects to […] via Zen Master — Paul Scribbles Continue reading

Everything that’s a thing had a beginning. They never had one, never were one, yet they had something, just never That thing. She had no idea they never had That, never considered their’s more than a friendly, innocuous (some)thing, a pleasant, nonspecific relationship in which she’d touch him when they’d laughingly converse in that innocuously […] via Nothing Lasted Forever — A Thing for Words Continue reading

Arlington High School junior varsity girls lacrosse coach Jaclyn Murphy cheers on her team during Saturday’s opening game at home against Monroe-Woodbury. She stands only 4-foot-11, and wearing an “Arlington Lacrosse” parka, with blonde locks peeking from beneath her wool cap, she easily could be mistaken for a student. Most of the girls just call… via Jaclyn Murphy, inspiration for Friends of Jaclyn, coaching at Arlington — USA Today High School Sports Continue reading